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    20 May 2017, London; The Embassy of Maldives organised Maahefun 2017 to celebrate the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadan at Chalgrove Primary School on Saturday 20 May 2017.

    The Maldivian community from all over the UK came together to celebrate the cultural practice of Maahefun, welcoming the month of Ramadan. The event was a fun-filled day with a variety of food including traditional cuisines such as bodibaiy, babukeyo baiy, hanaakurimas, garudhiya, lonumirus, fihunumas as well as Maldivian short-eats enjoyed throughout the day. As well as this, there were numerous recreational activities for both kids and adults such as tug-of-war, pass the parcel, a raffle, musical chairs and karaoke with prizes for all of the winners.

    The Embassy of Maldives wishes all Maldivians living in the UK a blessed Ramadan.

    2 February 2017, London; Deputy Ambassador Mr Hassan Shifau and Minister-Counsellor Ms Geela Ali met with Mr Tom Hooper, a representative of the Travel Foundation Exchange.   

    Mr Hooper approached the Embassy of the Republic of Maldives in order to discuss and seek support for a planned research project that he is working on called “Cutting Food Loss in Hotels”. Mr Hooper was specifically interested in further exploring participation of Tourist Hotels in the Maldives as part of his research, which will also cover hotels in Thailand and Indonesia. He explained that the project will be identifying causes of food waste in the hotel industry and to demonstrate how changes in practice and behaviour can eventually not only reduce food wastage but also savings on cost for the hotel industry in the Maldives.

    31 January 2017, London; Deputy Ambassador Mr Hassan Shifau and Minister-Counsellor Ms Geela Ali met with Mr Rudi Guraziu, Executive Chairman of the International Business and Diplomatic Exchange (IBDE).

    IBDE is a London-based non-profit membership organisation, which provides leadership in promoting international trade and investment flows. IBDE is able to provide its members with access to high-profile events such as investment forums, round-tables, workshops, conferences, seminars and network opportunities in order to support and facilitate international business and diplomatic missions in identifying key trade and investment opportunities. Maldives is currently not a member of IBDE.

    During the meeting discussions focused on possible business opportunities and collaboration between the Embassy of the Republic of Maldives and the IBDE.  

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